Online Process Analysis & Control

ETI designs, manufactures, installs, and services online bulk material analyzers and process control equipment primarily for coal, cement, and wood/biomass industries. ETI’s analyzer product line includes the Ashmeter™, Moisture Meter, and Full Stream Elemental Analyzer. Our analyzers provide real-time information to plant operators and plant control systems so process control decisions can be made immediately based on process material measurements. In addition, we design and manufacture high speed sort gates and other custom sorting/blending equipment to allow customers to sort and blend analyzed material based on user defined quality parameters.

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The Model DGA-410 Ashmeter is a registered nuclear gauging device for measuring ash weight percent of coal.

Moisture Meter

Moisture Meter

The Model 600 Moisture Meter is a registered microwave/nuclear gauging device for measuring moisture weight percent of bulk material.

Belt Scale

Belt Scale

The Model 500 Belt Scale is a registered nuclear gauging device for measuring weight of bulk material. Scale generates weight/density measurements every 3 seconds making it useful in online process and control applications.


Full Stream Elemental Analyzer

The ETI Model FSEA Elemental Analyzer is a registered nuclear gauging device for measuring ash, moisture, and sulfur weight percent, heating value, and ash elemental weight percent of coal.

Sort Gate

High Speed Sort Gate

The Model HSG1 High Speed Sort Gate is a rugged gate assembly for separating materials based on quality.

Boiler Sensor

Boiler Sensor

The Model 200 Boiler Sensor is a temperature detector for monitoring the build-up of slag on the heat transfer surface within a fossil fuel fired boiler.

Units Installed

Full Stream Elemental Analyzers
Moisture Meters
Sort Gates


Field Service

Field Service & Maintenance

Accurate, reliable operation of our products is critical to our customers' success. ETI maintains factory service personnel and field crews to quickly respond to technical and mechanical service issues. Technicians are available directly by phone and can access the equipment via secure VPN connections to address service and support inquiries.

Radiation Services

Radiation Services

ETI provides radiation services for our equipment and for equipment made by other manufacturers. We provide leak testing, source replenishment , radiation safety training, and radiation program auditing.



ETI will install and configure your equipment on-site and will work with your engineers to comply to site-specific requirements. We will also provide technical assistance and drawings to facilitate any work done by you or your contractors.

Maintenance Agreements

ETI offers maintenance agreements on a quarterly, bi-annual, or annual basis. A maintenance agreement guarantees you periodic service visits, radiation leak testing, and free remote support. Remote support is accomplished through a VPN connection permitting an ETI technician to access your system's computers and devices to perform troubleshooting, diagnostics, calibrations, and upgrades.

About ETI

Energy Technologies Inc. (ETI) was founded in 1994 to design, manufacture, install, and service products for the coal mining and coal fired utility industries. Since its inception, we have focused on providing our customers with accurate, rugged, and dependable products to help reduce production costs and improve product quality. ETI operations are maintained from our facility in Knoxville, Tennessee. ETI customers include major mining, cement, and utility companies across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Germany, and Italy. Our installed customer base of control systems exceeds 200 users. Our success can be attributed to both the quality of our products and the dedicated service we provide after the sale.



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