How will an Analyzer help my process?

ETI's analyzers provide near real-time feedback, allowing process control decisions to be made as material is being processed. In cement production, use of an analyzer after the crusher aids in stockpile management. A second analyzer is used to control the hoppers providing additives needed for proper raw mix proportioning before the material reaches the kiln. This reduces slagging in the kiln and provides a uniform clinker quality.

In coal production, analyzers paired with sort gates are used to sort coal by quality. This is useful in mining operations. Power plants use analysis results to blend stockpiles of a uniform quality and to control the consistency of material being fed into boilers. Use of analysis results ensure a consistent burn and compliance with emissions standards.

Our analyzers are used in other industries including trash-to-fuel, paper production, and iron ore. In each process, the analyzer is used to determine the characteristics of the material being processed in order to produce a consistent product.

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