Ashmeter ™

Ashmeter ™

The Model DGA-410 Ashmeter is a registered nuclear gauging device for measuring ash weight percent of coal. The measuring portion of the device, which consists of a source and detector assembly, is normally mounted across a conveyor belt on existing…

Full Stream Elemental Analyzer

Full Stream Elemental Analyzer

The Model FSEA Elemental Analyzer is a registered nuclear gauging device for measuring ash, moisture, sulfur weight percent, heating value, and ash elemental weight percent of materials.

High Speed Sort Gate

High Speed Sort Gate

The Model HSG1 High Speed Sort Gate is a rugged gate assembly for separating materials based on quality.

Moisture Meter

Moisture Meter

The Model 600 Moisture Meter is a registered microwave/nuclear gauging device for measuring moisture weight percent of bulk material.

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Online Process Analysis & Control

ETI designs, manufactures, installs, and services online bulk material analyzers and process control equipment.  ETI’s analyzer product line includes the Ashmeter™, Moisture Meter, and Full Stream Elemental Analyzer for coal, cement, and wood/biomass process materials.

Our analyzers provide real-time information to plant operators and plant control systems so process control decisions can be made immediately based on process material measurements.


In addition, we design and manufacture high speed sort gates and other custom sorting/blending equipment to allow customers to sort and blend analyzed material based on user defined quality parameters.


See our products page for details.

Radiation Protection Services


ETI offers radiation protection services including leak testing of radioisotope based instruments, radiation safety training, and radiation program auditing.

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Service & Maintenance


We understand accurate, reliable operation of our products is critical to our customers' success. ETI maintains factory service personnel and field crews to quickly response to technical and mechanical service issues.

Technicians are available via phone or internet to address service and support inquiries.

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