Bulk Material Analyzers & Process Controls

ETI designs, manufactures, installs, and services online bulk material analyzers and process control equipment. ETI online analyzers are used in the coal, cement, minerals, and wood/biomass fuel industries to measure parameters such as elemental composition, ash content, moisture content, heating value, and weight of bulk material as it moves on a conveyor or through piping. The analysis information is used to optimize material composition and to ensure consistent quality in the end product.


Our analyzer product line ranges from PGNAA units providing full elemental analysis to dual-gamma instruments measuring ash, moisture, heating value, and weight/density, as well as single-gamma analyzers measuring weight/density. These online analyzers provide real-time information for plant operators and plant control systems allowing them to make process control decisions immediately based on material measurements.

Additionally, ETI designs and manufactures high speed sort gates and custom sorting/blending equipment. These devices can be directly controlled by an analyzer or by plant control systems to sort and blend materials based on analysis data.


Full Stream Elemental Analyzer

The Model 730 Full Stream Elemental Analyzer combines a Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analyzer and an Ash/Density/Moisture gauge to measure elemental content, moisture, weight, and ash of materials as they are transported on a conveyor.


Dual-Gamma Ash Analyzer

The Model DGA-410 /DGA-410M Dual-Gamma Ash Analyzer (Ashmeter) is a registered nuclear gauging device for measuring ash content, weight, and optionally, moisture content of bulk materials.

Belt Scale

Nuclear Belt Scale

The Model 500 Nuclear Belt Scale /Density Meter measures the weight of bulk material as it travels on a conveyor belt.

Process Control Analyzer

Slurry Analyzer

The Model 520 Slurry Analyzer is a registered nuclear gauging device for measuring ash and density of coal slurries inside piping.

BTU Meter

BTU Meter

The Model 510 BTU Meter is a registered nuclear gauging device for measuring ash, moisture, heating value, and weight of coal as it travels through a boiler feeder pipe.

Sort Gate

High Speed Sort Gate

The Model 2000 High Speed Sort Gate is a rugged gate assembly for separating materials based on quality. The gate works in conjunction with ETI's Dual-Gamma Analyzer or Process Control Analyzer, and is automatically controlled based on the analyzer measurements taken vs. the set-points controlled by the operator. Manual controls are also supplied.

Units Installed

Sort Gates
Dual-Gamma Analyzers
Elemental Analyzers
Other Analyzers


Field Service

Field Service & Maintenance

Accurate, reliable operation of our products is critical to our customers' success. ETI maintains factory service personnel and field crews to quickly respond to technical and mechanical service issues. Technicians are available directly by phone and can access the equipment via secure VPN connections to address service and support inquiries.

Radiation Services

Radiation Services

ETI provides radiation services for both our equipment and for equipment made by other manufacturers. We provide leak testing, source replenishment, radiation safety training, and radiation program auditing.



ETI will install and configure your equipment on-site and will work with your engineers to comply to site-specific requirements. We will also provide technical assistance and drawings to facilitate any work done by you or your contractors.

Maintenance Agreements

ETI offers maintenance agreements on a quarterly, bi-annual, or annual basis. A maintenance agreement guarantees periodic service visits, radiation leak testing, and unlimited remote support. Remote support is accomplished through a VPN connection permitting an ETI technician to access your system's computers and devices to perform troubleshooting, diagnostics, calibrations, and upgrades.

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General Service

Dual-Gamma, Process Control & BTU Meter Service

  • Radiation leak tests
  • Calibration
  • Computer maintenance
  • Database maintenance
  • Software upgrades
  • Inspection & general maintenance
  • Unlimited remote support

FSEA Service

Full Stream Elemental Analyzer Service

  • Radiation leak tests
  • Calibration
  • Computer maintenance
  • Database maintenance
  • Software upgrades
  • Inspection & general maintenance
  • Unlimited remote support
Radiation Safety Service

Radiation Safety Service
(Any Nuclear Gauge)

  • Radiation leak tests
  • Shutter tests
  • Source replenishment
  • Radiation Safety Training
  • RSO & User Training
  • Physical Inventory
  • Troubleshooting, repair, & decommissioning

Frequently Asked Questions

What is "Online Analysis"?

Online vs. Offline

Online analysis is the measurement of material characteristics in real-time. ETI's analyzer products use a no-contact non-destructive...more...

How will an analyzer help my process?

Instantaneous results; immediate actions

ETI's analyzers provide near real-time feedback, allowing process control decisions to be made as material is being processed...more...

Which analyzer do I need?

A guide to equipment selection

The table provided here shows the capabilities and comparisons of ETI's analyzers.

Open Document

What is SGA, DGA, & PGNAA?

Definition of terms

Single Gamma Analysis, Dual-Gamma Analysis, & Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis. These terms are used throughout this site and are defined here for clarity...more...

Does flow rate affect analysis?

Flow rate has no effect on analysis.

The analysis process begins with the bombardment of the material on the belt with thermal neutrons...more...

How are ETI analyzers calibrated /recalibrated?

An explanation of the calibration process

ETI analyzers are calibrated using static samples before and after installation, and dynamic comparisons after commissioning...more...

About ETI

Energy Technologies Inc. (ETI) was founded in 1994 in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Formerly a division of SAIC, ETI initially focused on the coal industry, providing nuclear analysis equipment and technical support to mines, coal handling facilities, and power plants. ETI is currently headquartered in Maryville, Tennessee where it has expanded into the fields of cement production, biomass processing, and rare-earth element extraction.

ETI designs, builds, and tests all of its products in its Maryville facility, and installs and maintains this equipment worldwide. ETI analyzers are currently installed in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, with support provided through both on-site visits and secure connections to the running equipment.

ETI's services include custom design & applications, turn-key installation, calibration, maintenance, and radioactive material handling and training.



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